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Past Annex Exhibits

Wondrous Strangeness: 10 Years of ABRAZOS PRESS

Credit: Image detail from KIDS IN COSTUMES BOOK, Annie Silverman, 2014; photo by Annie Silverman ABRAZOS PRESS is a teaching and professional print shop at the Miller Street Studio Building ... continue

Performing the Home

Curator and artist Christina Balch will recreate the gallery as a surreal home and invites the public to experience and interact with performances of the home. Artists in this experimental ... continue

We The People: A Community Write-In

The Nave Galleries are excited to announce a new summer pop-up combining art and activism! Stop by the Nave Annex and be part of We The People: A Community Write-In. ... continue

2017 Somerville Toy Camera Festival (Nave Annex)

Image credit: Vicky Gewirz, Tent (detail), 11×14, Holga 120 Tmax Lo-fi art takes over Somerville, MA. The fifth annual Somerville Toy Camera Festival (STCF) takes place at the Nave Gallery Annex, ... continue

2016 Somerville Toy Camera Festival

Image credit: Office, Robert Schneider Lo-fi art takes over Somerville, MA. This September, the fourth annual Somerville Toy Camera Festival (STCF) will take place at the Nave Gallery Annex, Brickbottom Gallery, ... continue


Image above: Pretty Sad (2017) by Resa Blatman. Acrylic on paper, fake flowers. #RESIST is an exhibition of art that speaks to the current political climate in the United States and ... continue

In Triplicate

Image credit: “Small World” (detail) by Inguna Gremzde, 80 x 100cm, oil on 48 found plastic caps, 2012-present In Triplicate showcases the power of three, whether three minds working toward ... continue

Mirror with a Memory

Image by Carrie Witherell. Relics: My Mom’s Finches. 2011. Hand drawn negative contact-printed onto cyanotype. Mirror with a Memory is a show of works by the artists and craftsman who ... continue

Embroidered Truths & Woven Tales

Ivory (detail), 2013 by Kyle Meyer. Archival pigment print handwoven with wax print fabric Embroidered Truths & Woven Tales is the latest iteration of the Nave’s annual focus on fiber. ... continue

John Chervinsky

Bananas in Bowl with Painting on Table (detail), archival inkjet, 2010 An Experiment in Perspectives and Studio Physics CURATED BY: Greer Muldowney Press release EVENT DATE: Sunday, April 17, 2016  ... continue

The Uncanny Home of our Imagination

This show is a fleeting exploration of the home as concept and lived material space in which taste, anxiety, and desire take shape. Playfully using the concepts of the uncanny ... continue

Catalyst: craft + social change

Image credit (work from left to right): Celeste Hanlon, Jenna DeLuca, Dena Haden For many generations, makers have used the familiarity of the domestic arts to build community, raise awareness, ... continue

HONK! Deconstruction of Joy

HONK!: Deconstruction of Joy is a photography exhibition coinciding with HONK! Fest 2016. The goal of the exhibition is to showcase images encapsulating the energy and joy that takes place during ... continue


Artists left to right: Duygu Aytac, Rosemary Meza-DesPlas, Tessa Martinez The history of feminist art starting in the 1970’s up until now has been filled with controversy, turbulence, progress and backlashes against women, ... continue

Out of the Woods: Fairy Tales Re-imagined

Image Credit: Melissa D’Acunto “Queen of the Forest” 2016 Fairy tales, myths, legends, and folk tales, are often the inspiration for contemporary works of literature, film, and art. They continue ... continue


Blue Icelandic Sunset – Jökulsárlón, Iceland (2013), Liz Johnson With recent predictions for a significant El Niño this season, questions and concerns are raised that investigate the tenuous balance between ... continue

Residual Form

Mountains Beyond Mountains (detail) by Ben Foley;  2016; Tempered and crystal glass, steel, light;  48″x48″x48″. Residual Form is an exploration of the art experience. As process becomes more and more ... continue

Who Might I Be? Pretending, Disguise & Elusion

Harry Yu, Cherries-Obscured Woman Shelley Kommers, Aftermath Holly Curcio, Like a Boss Whether through play or humor, to blend in or stand out, out of empathy or solidarity, through ritual ... continue

2015 Somerville Toy Camera Festival – Nave Annex

Mary Kocol, October Morning, Lake Wyassup, 2013; Diana Camera, Fuji Pro 400 H 120mm film Lo-fi art takes over Somerville, MA. This September, the third annual Somerville Toy Camera Festival ... continue

Survey Without Surveillance

Untitled from The New Town, 2013, Andrew Hammerand Mass surveillance may be as insidious and persistent as white noise, and the current cultural conditions have conspired to lull us into ... continue

Visaural: Sight, Sound and Action

Artists were invited to submit works around themes of social, cultural, economic, human rights, women’s rights, political and social justice activism that combine visual art with music in order to ... continue


Photo by Candace Imming 2015 marks the 10th anniversary of the HONK! Festival of Activist Street Bands in Somerville. Several thousand musicians have participated, in bands coming from around the neighborhood ... continue

The Birds and the Bees

Mark Addison Smith, You gotta think about who you’re attracting (from the daily You Look Like The Right Type series), digital print: 9″ x 13″, August 22, 2013 The buzz ... continue

This Into That: Found Object Art, Assemblage, and Other Transformed Work

Image above: Detail from Ice Disaster from the series Still by Sarah Sweeney A trinket purchased at the thrift store, an old photo in a family album, a lost hat ... continue

Field Trip

Nave Gallery Annex is pleased to present Field Trip, a group show comprising 11 artists from Boston’s Fort Point Channel, New England’s oldest artist Community. The artists chosen for this ... continue

The Sketchbook Show

Image credit “North End,” Sarah Gay-O’Neill Artists use sketchbooks for as many different reasons as there are artists: daily practice, planning book, travelogue, dream journal. Sketching happens from life, memory, ... continue

The 2016 Sketchbook Show

Image: Topography (detail), Gary Hawkins; ink and washi on paper; 2014 Artists use sketchbooks for as many different reasons as there are artists: daily practice, planning book, travelogue, dream journal. ... continue

Vessels: An Exhibition of Fiber Art

Image above: Seeded Sprout, Sue Hale What does a vessel or container mean to you? Is it a functional object, or something spiritual or emotional? Is it a “useful pot ... continue


No one view of the nude is the same; in art, as in life, there are no certainties. No blacks and whites, only shades of gray. Writing about the nude ... continue

I’ve Been Everywhere, Man: Musicians on the Road

Photo by Caitlin McCann, Ron Gallo, somewhere in New York Title credit: I’ve Been Everywhere, Man is from a song composed by Geoff Mack in 1959. We elevate our heroes. ... continue


Image above: Diary 1948, Jenn Libby Books mix together sculpture, installation, drawing, and performance. They are an interactive experience that fills up space and engages the body, a physical narrative ... continue

Magic Without Tricks

EyeSee (detail) by Shari Weschler Rubeck, acrylic on canvas, 2014 Artists, consciously or unconsciously, dabble in magic. They borrow signs and symbols, and plant symbolic language, like seeds, into our ... continue

The Last Saints of Somerville

A cornerstone of Somerville’s character is the remaining religious statues in its front yards. These icons, threatened with extinction from the city’s development, are like colorful relics, displayed in homemade shelters ... continue


Image: Sarah Bilotta, Untitled (from the Goddesses series) “Ice on the sill and the snow they haunt me still” —Brown Bird Of all the seasons, winter is the one most ... continue

Somerville Toy Camera Festival 2014-Nave Annex

A Beautiful Day, Chuck Baker. Kodak Brownie Cresta II / Rollei IR400. Lo-fi art takes over Somerville, MA. This June, the second annual Somerville Toy Camera Festival (STCF) will take ... continue

Inside and Out

Papa At The Fridge from 37 Michele Lane, by Nicholas Schietromo Untitled, Newton, 2012 from The Suburbs by Alberto D’Agostino Inside and Out explores the two sides to domesticity through voyeurism and intimacy. ... continue

Painting Intricacies

Image above: Forest Bed Den, 2014. Candice Smith Corby. Watercolor and gouache on paper; 22″x30″ Painting Intricacies explores the visual language of detailed, meticulous painting. A painting can be masterful ... continue


Detail, Buy-o-chromatic, Amanda Nelsen, 200921 foot long coptic stitch, year’s worth of Boston Globe Direct fliers cut, folded, and arranged in chromatic scale Practice explores artwork inspired by craft, and ... continue

Love Shack

Image above: Give Me A Break, Lauren Leone, 2011 Sex and love and romance. Red roses, chocolates and ballads. Monogamy, trust and broken hearts. Love Shack features artists exploring themes ... continue


Image above: Hey Cowboy, Craig Bostick First used in the Middle Ages to describe the sketching of a subject for a piece of art, cartooning has evolved over time to ... continue

65°: An Exhibition of Contemporary Encaustic Art

Image above:  butterfly kisses, Jodi Colella An exhibition on the techniques, materials and subject matter used by today’s wax artists. CURATED BY: Leika Akiyama OPENING RECEPTION: Thursday, December 5, 6 ... continue

Peer-Reviewed Submissions

Image above: Frog Gatherings #3 by Marjorie Moore Science and art mash up in a show of works with mathematical and scientific themes. CURATED BY: Elisabeth Nicula and Ted Ollier ... continue

BRANDED: The Art of the Beer Label

Image above: Label Designs from Cambridge Brewing Company The recent explosion of craft breweries has led to an explosion of artistic beer labels. As breweries look to create a distinctive ... continue

Somerville Toy Camera Festival-Nave Gallery Annex

Image above: Exhaustion After A Firefight, Erin Trieb US infantry soldier (of the 3rd Platoon, Bravo Company, 1st Battalion, 32nd Infantry Regiment, 3rd Brigade, 10th Mountain Division) SPC Matthew Ledford rests ... continue

Entering Somerville

Image above: Suzie plays de trumpet, Leonardo March Art and music inspired by or created from the people, events and geography taking place in the 4.2 sq miles that make ... continue


Image Above: Astrobot Sawyer, Skunkadelia Phantomaton, a play off of “phantom” and “automaton,” explores the world of man and creation through the influences alchemy to biotechnology and whatever lies in ... continue

The Body in Lines

Image Above: Ariel #11, Michael Ahern Fragility, strength, and vulnerability are just some of the emotions captured in The Body In Lines, the Nave’s first show focusing on the linear expression ... continue

Young New England Photographers Group Exhibition

Image Above: Natalio, Kathya Landeros CURATED BY: Liana Mestas, Paolo Morales and Robert Gallegos LOCATION: Nave Gallery Annex (Davis Square), 53 Chester St., Somerville, MA OPENING RECEPTION: Friday, May 10, 6-9pm Facebook ... continue

The Knit Art House in Crochetville

Image: Animals with Crocheted Sweaters, Ritsuko Hirai In its early years, the Nave Gallery Annex was a rooming house, welcoming strangers from near and far and providing affordable shelter for ... continue

Memory Palace

Image: Frankly, I’ve been afraid that nothing will happen, Amy Lovera This group exhibition presents the work of artists whose use of familiar images and objects helps to reveal the unfamiliar. ... continue

Black Ink – Prinkmaking in Monochrome

In this group exhibition curated by well-known Somerville lithographer Carolyn Muskat of Muskat Studio, blank ink transforms paper through the varied processes of printmaking. ORGANIZED BY:  Ted Ollier CURATED BY: ... continue


Image above: Oranginas, Neil Wyatt In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer.” —Albert Camus PICNIC glorifies the lush serenity, the ripe ... continue

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