about ARTSomerville & the NAVE
Since 2004 the Nave Gallery in Teele Square has been the public face of ARTSomerville, a nonprofit, loosely knit volunteer group of artists and arts enthusiasts with the mutual goal to create new space(s) to present art in Somerville. In 2013 we added a second exhibition space, the Nave Annex in Davis Square. In addition, we have created a number of public music, dance and art events including Project MUM (a dance party under McGrath Highway), 2012′s Yarnstorm Perry Park (part of our ongoing Wrap Around Project), and SqueezeBox Slam, an outdoor festival dedicated to accordion and concertina music.

about our exhibition spaces
The Nave Gallery and the Nave Annex  provide space for the collaboration and presentation of art of all media. Work of a collaborative, non-commercial nature is especially encouraged. The Nave Gallery opened 15 May 2004 with the exhibition 1-10. The Nave Annex opened 25 January 2013 with the exhibition PICNIC.

presenting music
The Nave Gallery coordinates independent music performances in the sanctuary of the Clarendon Hill Presbyterian Church.


ARTSomerville/NAVE includes:
Susan Berstler (director)
Tori Costa (outreach)
Jaja Kumpa (treasurer)
Maureen Liberatore (annual flea market)
Randy Winchester (music)
James Zall (web) and many more volunteers and independent curators!

Current Exhibits