Mittens Worth a Mint

mini mitten, wrap around

As part of The Wrap Around Project, the Nave Gallery is creating mini mittens that can be sold through local Somerville/Cambridge/Arlington businesses to raise awareness and money for the Somerville Homeless Coalition. The mini-mittens can be used as holiday tree ornaments, package gift decorations, to hold gift cards or cash, to decorate the neck of a wine bottle, to string together as a mantle decoration and more. 100 mini- mittens have been created and we need help to decorate and create more. Our goal is to make 500.

The pattern is below.  If you have any questions, let us know.

Mini Mitten Knitting Pattern
(completed mitten can be used as an ornament, gift card holder, box decoration, etc.)

Size 7 or 8 straight needles, a 3.5” stitch holder, yarn sewing needle, 3 or 4 ounce weight yarn and notions/items to decorate the completed mitten.


With desired color, cast on 18 stitches (sts.) leaving a 5 inch tail at the start.

Rows 1-6 + [K1,P1] across.  Rows 7-8 work in Stockinette stitch.


Row 9 + Right Side (RS) K8, Make 1 (M1), K2, M1, Knit to end —- 20 sts

Row 10 and ALL Wrong Side (WS) Rows + Purl

Row 11 + K8, M1, K4, M1, Knit to end  —–  22 sts.

Row 12 + Purl

Row 13 + K8, M1, K6, M1, Knit to end   —- 24 sts.

Row 14 + Purl


Row 15 + K8, cast on 2 sts on right hand needle, slip next 8 sts onto stitch holder for Thumb,

Knit to end —- 18 sts.

Rows 16-20 + Work in Stockinette stitch


Row 21 + Knit 2 together 9 times —- 9 stitches

Row 22 + Purl 2 together 4 times, purl 1 —- 5 stitches

Cut Yarn leaving a 14 inch tail.  Thread tail through the 5 stitches. With RS together sew 3 stitches, knot to secure.  (Body of mitten will be sewn up last after decorating mitten)


With WS of Thumb Gusset facing you slide the 8 stitches from stitch holder onto your Knitting Needles.  With RS of mitten facing you create the Thumb:  Leave a 3 inch tail as you begin,

Row 1+ M1, K8, M1 finish row  —-  10 stitches

Row 2+ Purl

Row 3 + K 2  together 5 times  —- 5 stitches

Cut yarn leaving an eight inch tail.  Thread tail through the 5 stitches.  With WS together sew the Thumb closed on the outside.  Tuck thread to the inside and tie off with the initial 3 inch start tail.


Decorate the front of the mitten with buttons, ribbon, etc.  Then with RS together sew the body of the mitten together.  Weave ends in as desired.  OR leave tail to be used to hang mitten or to attach to a box, etc.

  Any and all mittens are welcomed by the Nave Gallery. They can be mailed to:

Margaret Ryan
Nave Gallery
155 Powderhouse Blvd.
Somerville, MA 02144